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Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation

from the Publisher’s Weekly starred review:

Kipnis’s gifts are on full display in this irresistible collection of essays, in which she weaves together complex and penetrating insights about gender into provocative treatises. Though the book is putatively about men, Northwestern University professor Kipnis (Against Love) takes an appreciably unique angle on her subjects. Each chapter, save one, is devoted to an archetype of masculinity. Kipnis’s arguments are never predictable: for example, her chapter on “juicers,” ostensibly about steroid-abusing male athletes, evolves into a profound soliloquy about writing, plagiarism, and labor markets. Her examination of modern manhood sheds as much light on male vulnerability as it does on male privilege, entitlement, and abuse….  Kipnis has given us a necessary, and often witty, book that shows a brilliant, agile mind at work.

 “Feisty, unapologetic forays into the messiness of gender relations… rendered in funny, spirited writing.” Kirkus

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