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Love In The Time Of Contagion: A Diagnosis

“Laura Kipnis likes to be a cage rattler, a fly in the ointment, a crap stirrer, a poker of hornet’s nests. She zigs whereas others merely zag. She’s no sheeple. She also really likes metaphors, and so one of the primary enjoyments of her provocative books is sorta thrilling: No matter how sensitive the scenario, no matter how prone to tiptoeing around dynamite you may be, her words cut to the quick.”  Chicago Tribune

“What a trip it would be if a medical doctor issued conclusions with the juice and style that Kipnis brings to her essays about intimacy, disgust and contamination (which might be three synonyms) …the book is perfectly equidistant between riff and investigation. It’s hard to think of anyone else who would cover, in such a short span, the #MeToo movement, H.I.V. crisis pamphlets, Rodney Dangerfield, Jung, Eugene Ionesco, Reddit, Kafka and a 2010 supernatural horror movie about a guy haunted by his astral-projecting son…Kipnis launches provocations with the frequency of a tennis ball machine.” New York Times

Love in the Time of Contagion is shot through with Kipnis’ ample comic talent. As a satirist and commiserator she has few equals these days. Tablet

“Fearless and sharply observed, this book suggests that future post-pandemic challenges will have less to do with its biological legacy to humanity and more to do with the impact of a virus on interpersonal closeness. Provocative and darkly humorous.” —Kirkus 

“Riveting about what we have used the pandemic to do to, and for, ourselves Kipnis’s book is genuinely enlivening about a terrible thing. This may be just the kind of with and wisdom we need to do more than merely survive our bad times.”  —Adam Phillips

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Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus

“Few people have taken on the excesses of university culture with the brio that Kipnis has. Her anger gives her argument the energy of a live cable.”  Jennifer Senior, New York Times